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Why to study in Australia ? Many international students prefer Australia for studying. Because Australia has offered more than what students expected from it. Many international students have chosen to study in Australia.

Because of its welcoming nature, situated in nature and friendly ecosystem.So you should also study in Australia for your Great fitur

How to choose right University ? 

Choosing a right University is extremely important.

It’s because you are going to spend next 5-6 years in that University so you should be informed about that before you take admission.

#1 – First you should know about your course , which course you are opting for.

#2 Contact a certified agent and get information about the relevant universities.

Select and Experienced agent so he can provide you best information and best services.

Now ask these questions about the Universities –

Q. Which network of universities they are allied with ?

You might not focus on this but questioning the network of universities can assist you to get most of the information about the particular university

Q. What is campus culture ?

Every University has its own personality. Some are more academic centric and some are more relaxing.

So it’s you who decides what suits to your personality and what do you expect from the University.

Q. Where the campus is situated ?

Location matters, a lot.

It is going to be your second home so it’s you responsibility to check the location.

Most of Australian Universities are located  within the East Coast area which consists of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Melbourne and Sydney are Australia’s most captial cities, so they have a great standard of living and they have been attraction to all the international students.

However, all other cities are also getting some traction and gaining popularity.

If located in higher cities, means more expanses with high standards of living.

Requirements – 

#1.- Passport – The most basic document to study or to go outside of  India. And if you don’t get passport, all your efforts made to study in Australia will be of no use.

#2.- English language requirements – Since Australian Universities teach in English so it’s compulsory to have basic english skills.

You don’t need to be master of english, but understanding and explaining in english should be big deal for you.

#3.- Transcript – Transcripts mean all you documents of academics. They will ask you to submit your all academic documents. Every standard you studied, so keep them ready.

#4 Statement of purpose – Why do you want to study in Australia, should be mentioned with all your persona interests and career goals with course details.

#5 Letter of recommendation – This is a document recommending you to study in Australia. This letter should come from a person who have taught you or know you personally.

#6 Other tests (GMAT/GRE) – If you want to study in management form an Australian University, then you have to submit their GMAT or GRE scores. This is also necessary.

#7 Work Experience –

Not required for every student, but some professional courses like MBBS, needs some work experience to study further.

#8 Detailed CV – A detailed Curriculum Vitae will be required which should mention your all qualifications, your work experiences, your skill strength. This will help you to get selected in professional universities.

How To Apply  Student Visa to Study in Australia ? 

You have to meet Australia study visa requirements to get visa.

These are things required documents and things to apply.

1).. A Valid passport – you know that it’s the most basic document to go outside of India.

2) Proof of enrollment or letter – A proof stating that you have got selected to study in an Australian University, will be required for visa.

3) Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement – This state that you’re not going for permanent and going for study purpose.

4) Your visa application fee – Every process charges some fee so it do.

5) Evidence of your English proficiency skill – Evidence showing that you’re not bad at English will also be required.

6) Academic records and work experience – Includes your academic scores and your professional work experiences.

7) If you want to study in Australia, you must show your financial stability if you can afford turion fee, living expenses and return airfare.

8) Details of your health insurance policy – This covers your all sudden health expanses.

9) Purpose – Again, covering your purpose of study and career goals will be required.

10) Passports sized photographs.

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